Freight Train by Elizabeth Cotten

“Dat fingerpicking though.”

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Dat fingerpicking though.

HereBeAnkles 13 Aug 2013

Elizabeth Cotten (who was born in the next town over from where I live) taught herself to play guitar when a girl, then didn't play for decades and basically forgot how to. When she became a maid for the Seeger family, she taught herself to play again and recorded this amazing song. She wrote Freight Train when she was 11; she recorded it in her fifties. It has since then been covered by over a dozen artists.   4

kdd 9 Jan 2014

Binging on the massive amount of Folkways Records on Spotify and I happened upon Elizabeth Cotten. Wow. Things I learned today: 1) Elizabeth Cotten wrote this song when she was 12 2) She played guitar upside down (i.e., playing a right-handed guitar, strung right-handed, left-handed)   2

melvillean 28 Feb 2014

One of my very favourite guitarists- it's all in the tone, isn't it? Amazing stuff. :-)   3

markcmphillips 1 Mar 2013

Great footage of Cotten towards the end of her life playing one of her most famous compositions and demonstrating her wonderful and unique guitar style.   6

Brownpants 12 Jun 2014

The real deal.   2

49susans 15 Nov 2014