Explosions by Ellie Goulding


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Adele may be getting all the limelight, but this girl has talent too !

blushift01 5 Feb 2013

Explosions... on the day you wake up, Needing somebody and you've learned It's okay to be afraid, But it will never be the same...

TanyaEchelon 7 Aug 2013

Gorgeous voice, gorgeous lyrics

jillywill22 7 Mar 2013

explosions, on the day you wake up / needing somebody and you've learned / it's okay to be afraid / but it will never be the same.

halcyonicas 26 Sep 2013

God, this chick is just stupid talented....

CakeMaker 5 Mar 2014

This is a pretty song. It's been stuck in my head most of the day.

pea 8 Apr 2013