A Fond Farewell by Elliott Smith

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The litebrite's now black and white Cause you took apart a picture that wasn't right Pitch burning on a shining sheet The only maker that you'd want to meet The dying man in a living room Who's shadow paces the floor Who'll take you out in the open door This is not my life It's just a fond farewell to a friend It's not what I'm likeIt's just a fond farewell to a friend Who couldn't get things right Fond farewell to a friend He said really I just want to dance Good and evil matched perfect it's a great romance I can deal with some physic pain If it'll slow down my higher brain Veins full of disappearing ink Vomiting in the kitchen sink Disconnecting from the missing link This is not my life It's just a fond farewell to a friend

TheVeil 17 Sep 2013

My favorite Elliot Smith track. Slept on classic.

dequan 17 Jul 2014

This is Elliott Smith's saddest song in my opinion, but the clever writing, steady beat and hard strumming give it a more upbeat feel and make it a little more palatable than some of his other songs. "A Fond Farewell" feels like it's about a man that understands his addiction and has resigned himself to it because for him, a non-life is marginally better than death, but that really living was a failed option long ago.

mujicama 27 Sep 2014

He never made a bad one

kwest1969 3 May 2012

We lost him ten years ago today and that feels strange.

LilHan 21 Oct 2013

Farewell, Caesar. Your little life was too short, but so powerfully wonderful, I'll always remember you.

joeldurhamjr 9 Dec 2012