Dust My Broom by Elmore James

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but DanielElkin was first  

Every time I do my spring cleaning, broom in hand, I think of Elmore ...   4

Swampy 20 May 2013

In a bluesy mood.

HereBeAnkles 8 Nov 2013

Probably my favourite Robert Johnson cover version. From 1951.   5

Axol 7 May 2013

Blues+3#4pt2 King of Slide, apparently knew Robert Johnson, hard living bad boy, totally burns this version..   4

adrian4acn 22 Oct 2012

Turn the volume up Turn the light off Get yourself a bourbon and ice Lie on the floor Listen to this great track and the best guitar riff Do it

frankie868 19 Jun 2015

Needed something classic for today   1

cinematicsoul 19 Sep 2014