Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John

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Butterflies are free to fly! #SomeoneSavedMyLifeTonight #EltonJohn #jampreserves #thisismyjam #lastjams   4

deejay 8 Sep 2015

I can't pick a favorite Elton John song, but if I could, this would be it.

joeldurhamjr 8 Sep 2013

help.   1

iwilsonjr 3 Jan 2015

Before Elton John went shit (the 90s, so a pretty good run) He was ace. Look at him.   1

KeithTOTP 9 Nov 2012

"Sugar Bear" used to annoy me until I found out what the song was about. In 1969, Elton was denying his homosexuality and was about to marry Linda Woodrow. He considered suicide as a way out. Bernie Taupin apparently talked him round - and saved his life. So here he is, still standing - or at least sitting - in front of countless people in New York's Central Park, very much alive. This song used to give great comfort to us blokes who managed to escape the ol' ball-and-chain entrapment. I, myself, recall a few close calls, a few tears and several celebratory shandies with mates. This song is a redemption. It's about being yourself, being true, and not changing to fit in. It's about not being trapped in the conformist ratrace. It's about a friend when you need it. Funnily enough, although this is an homosexual story, it's still the most masculine, heroic, real mates song ever.   24

daved 13 Aug 2014

solo Elton is my favourite Elton.   1

1outside 20 Dec 2013