So Blonde (Official Video) by EMA

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but Taikonaut was first  

My rock hero

annkpowers 30 Mar 2014

My most scrobbled track of 2014. Granted, I didn't scrobble much, but I love this song so goddamn much, so I'm fine with considering it my "top".

Sigafoos 6 Jan 2015

Gig #31 tonight, or at least I think it is. Part of the Station to Station series at the Barbican, this is billed as part Art installation, part live music, so we shall see what EMA does tonight...

asw909 7 Jul 2015

the 90s wish they were this cool

idontunderstand 25 Apr 2014

This sounds like a lost Hole song from 1994.

Matt___F 22 Jun 2014

This IS my jam. I love the hook.

nosoypancho 27 Jun 2014