Standing on the Shore by Empire of the Sun

“Makes me headbang to the beat.”

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Makes me headbang to the beat.

Drumfella 2 Jul 2013

This one's for Milla Elder.

phillirose 28 Jan 2012

great song. the guitar riff has been in my head for days.

calimakizushi 25 Jun 2013

I wanna see them live

bekasunmee 3 May 2013

Don't want to talk, all I hear is noise...1 more freaking week! @empireofthesun #coachella2014

iPjxl 4 Apr 2014

(live at club nokia, 2011) "don't want to talk, all i hear is noise"... can't wait to see these weirdos!

MAGlCK 3 May 2013