Love is the answer by England Dan & John Ford Coley

“Classic song written by the genius Todd Rundgren”

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Classic song written by the genius Todd Rundgren

benrose146 13 May 2013

I am 'nowt, if not a determined little Scottish terrier. Singularly ignoring, nay stamping an angry foot (yes, I only have one) against any opporchancity to fill the airwaves with KringleKrud, I'm maintaining my Doctor of Lurve persona, with this rump end of the 70s belter. Messrs Dan&Coley were covering the original by Todd Rundgren and IMHO bettered an already brilliant song. There are religious overtones herein, but I don't do religion, so just enjoy the lurve element. Having said that, the gospel section in the middle, gives me goosies. This would bring me to girlfriend no.2, met at a party where I feel certain this disc was spun. I recall her sister being a the way that you'd like to brutally suppress her with a water cannon. Anyhoo, I floated home, post-party, at stupid o'clock, with the familiar fuzzy 'that's me in love again, must tell the lads I won't be out on the piss this weekend' feeling, that only we true romanticists experience. I feel the veneer crumbling...   44

21schizoid 19 Dec 2013

'Is it worth just another try'

jubileyn 17 Sep 2015