Take A Chance On Me by Erasure

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One of my first Erasure CDs was called 'Abba-esque' and it defined a super fun part of my childhood.   4

Vickipedia 11 May 2015

#TIMJ #thisismyjam #erasure

KingMobUK 14 Dec 2013

Perfectly normal shenanigans in the video.

20yearsago 13 Jun 2012

Try listen to this at your desk without doing some serious chair dancing

Han__James 2 Jul 2013

I believe you'll actually see Agnetha and Anni-Frid in the next video I jam, but I thought I'd milk this whole dress-up-as-ABBA shtick for at least one more rendition of "Take a Chance on Me." What can I say . . . . I can't let go!

waynechapman44 11 Jul 2015