Old Love by Eric Clapton

“Belated happy birthday to EC.”

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Belated happy birthday to EC.   2

dorkins 31 Mar 2013

This is not the version I wanted to post from MTV unplugged, which is is blocked for some reason ... Still, if there was ever a musician or song that could bring a woman to her knees ... this would be it. Eric Clapton, the greatest guitarist-vocalist-songwriter we've seen in a long while ... #kneebender #oldlove #ericclapton

europabridge1 24 Aug 2013

The live performance from MTV 1992 unplugged is so much more LIVE but it's blocked, so go to youtube to view it  or scroll down to the link by my bio. If there's one song that could bring a woman to her knees, this would be it! ... Clapton is in superb form - vocals and guitar licks - and his band is so very restrained and professional. I find 'Old Love' poignant and moving, and it is my jam this week and perhaps forever ... #KneeBender #OldLove #EricClapton   6

europabridge1 24 Aug 2013

I love this song.   1

Kelly_Ochoa 12 Aug 2014

One of my favourite Clapton songs, this never seems to get old.

haylo53 18 Feb 2014

#SundaySoother.   4

cosmicdon 28 Mar 2015