Sweet Home Chicago by Eric Clapton

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So following on from Scrapper Blackwell Kokomo Blues which Robert Johnson used as the foundation for his song Sweet Home Chicago my weekend jam is "Sweet Home Chicago" performed by Eric Clapton with a little help from Doyle Bramhall ll so not one but two of my favorite living #blues performers/guitarists. Enjoy   28

Sid_Bonkers 10 Jul 2015


abloodman 3 May 2014

This choice is less about the song than it is about a new podcast I just discovered.The podcast "Food is the New Rock" is AMAZING! Now, it is possible I listened to the right episode and that's why I found it so neat, but I honestly hope the other episodes are equally stellar. The premise of the podcast is to have musicians talk about food and chefs talk about music. Therefore, each week the guest is either a chef or a musician. The episode I listened to featured Alex Guarnaschelli. Wow, I could have listened for another 3 hours!... and I will, this time paying even more attention to what was said (being it was 12:10 AM when I started), because the bits I picked up on were fantastic. Oh and the link to the song? It's in there.

gabee1148 24 May 2015