At Last by Etta James

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As a wedding DJ there are a few essential tracks often played which can become tired over time, but today in the U.S. for me, this feels more relevant than ever before.   1

ListeningMan 26 Jun 2015

This one is just to make me feel a little better :)   5

Catherine 7 Aug 2012

This mornings song in my head. Gotta love that string arrangement.

MrTimChow 7 Jul 2015

<3 <3 <3   6

hannacelina 9 Jun 2015

Etta James.. Beautiful..A fave of mine😊

sheepio 31 Mar 2015

ETTA JAMES ~~ 'AT LAST' ~ #AStoneColdClassic I found a dream that I could speak to - a dream that I can call my own........ Only female singer that gives me goosebumps!   23

boozybluesy 13 Feb 2015