Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics

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Even to this day, this song gets me charged up.

xiombarg 18 Feb 2012

Some of them want to use you/Some of them want to get used by you/Some of them want to abuse you/Some of them want to be abused

tawnithan 24 Dec 2014

Returning to what I hope will be a great film-score for my London-based Hackgate film 'Adventures in Paradise' ... 'Sweet Dreams' by The Eurythmics makes an appearance by way of a cell phone ring, which comments on the action. This Grammy performance by Annie Lennox is over-the-top and wonderfully camp ...Wayne Newton with Dave Stewart looking like 'White Prince'... Would I lie to you?! Bonus feature at the end: a few seconds of the wonderful John Denver, fallen American Pie.   2

europabridge1 8 Mar 2014

E is for Eurythmics. I remember the first time I heard this and it totally blew me away. Shame this audience are so non plussed!   1

meddlingwitch 27 Jun 2014

Because she really is fantastic.

kellyc 17 Feb 2015


jonnyneale5 13 Jun 2012