Thorn In My Side by Eurythmics

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but andykhouri was first  

its hard to go wrong with The Eurythmics'

KennethPedersen 9 Feb 2014


andykhouri 16 Feb 2012

Just heard it in my truck so decided to like it, and she's a good singer etc.

montybasset 5 Jan 2014

There is only so long you can make someone wait but on the other hand there is only so long you can beat yourself up for not going back. After 8 weeks off ill I finally resigned from my job at the bakery yesterday.   22

abigail.deeks 13 Nov 2014

It's hard to be sure, but I think this may be my favourite Eurythmics track.   4

pjcj 2 Oct 2013


melissastevens 29 Nov 2013