Didn't It Rain by Evelyn Freeman


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guyhamilton552 5 Aug 2014

I jammed this great song from 1962 last year. I did it for myself that time. This time I'm jamming it for you lot. It is such a great song, I think you deserve it. If you read about the woman Evelyn Freeman Roberts you find she is an amazingly inspiring woman. I believe she is still alive, though I'm not sure. She will be 95 years old. #DedicatedToMyFriends   3

jovisgoesnuts 19 Feb 2014

...or Evelyn Freeman and The Exciting Voices to be more precise, all fourteen of them. An amazing woman (born February 13, 1919) is an American musician, songwriter, arranger and educator, who was born the same year that this song was arranged from an old work song by Henry Thacker Burleigh (1896-1949). The versions by Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1948) and Mahalia Jackson (1954) are in that original arrangement, but when Evelyn Freeman, herself a reputed bandleader released it in 1962, she had re-arranged it to this fabulous almost chant-like song. With her husband Tommy Roberts, she also established The Young Saints Scholarships Foundation, a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1967, with the aim of providing free training in singing, dance, drama, television work and associated skills for young people, aged between 5 and 21, in South Central Los Angeles. She'll be 97 next February. I listened to it as a teenager and I always loved it, so I'm jammin' it again. #hopeyoulikeit   4

jovisgoesnuts 16 Jul 2015

Same song, different selection. Oops!

jovisgoesnuts 12 Jun 2013

"Didn't It Rain” by Evelyn Freeman is my new jam. #gospel

BrentSirota 4 Jul 2013

This seemed appropriate this morning, as it seems that in Liverpool at least summer has most definitely ended...   14

Brownpants 6 Oct 2014