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Tonight I feel above the law and I'm coming in to land.

Kymberlie 13 Sep 2014

"This one's for Bane!"

rabbitroom 12 May 2012

I could listen to them forever..   1

natyblooming 25 Jan 2013

Yet another track from what was clearly their best album to raid for quality tracks? Not really, they suit my tastes but this was their tenth album so over a prolonged period there could be hundreds of tracks to choose from. Sadly I can't get all of them to play on here. Hope you like it. #EBTG   7

jovisgoesnuts 7 Nov 2013

Still a very, very solid dance record.   1

Kevin_Church 10 Apr 2012

The most unimprovable song -- the song that will forever be the greatest. I could listen to it until doomsday, the single song I'd pick to be able to listen to on a desert island. Other songs might surpass it in love for a while, but it doesn't mean anything. The bass line, the hollow, ringing, hooting organ, the synthesised hanging bells turned into reverb until they might as well be harps. Calling back and forth until they're something else. So unbelievably good, the best thing other than the lyrics and vocals: the snickety damped snare clicking along with the totally hollow unreverbed toms. And she, Tracey Thorn, singing about love changing her life. Every lyric is so completely on point and intense. I want your love and I want it now: I don't want your history, I don't want that stuff. I want you to shut your mouth, that would be enough -- and I don't care if you've been here before, you don't understand. Tonight I feel above the law, I'm coming in to land, I want your love.

emeticallyseald 7 Sep 2015