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The short spears and the weak eternal monologuing, and our war is the crucible of all your longing

afairb 24 Feb 2014

Had a chat with these guys at a warm up show last year, they're making big waves now. Loving this new track!

dropdownsmiling 16 Jan 2013

Entirely possible that the rest of my jams will be by these massive fellows. #goodbyeTIMJ

madmartyr 12 Aug 2015

I'm getting addicted to this band. Thanks again, @CNHeidelberg!

Regensbloggerin 13 Apr 2014

i done a lot of bad things with my life

dominikus 3 Sep 2014

Loved for several reasons, but certainly not least for the use of "Kalashnikoving" and even more so for the line "I need a checker for all of my deeds". Really stuck in my head this week ( and many weeks before!).

seanflint 21 Jul 2015