MY KZ, UR BF by Everything Everything

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but simonth was first  

quite frankly the oddest, most unique band I know. Karen Gillan's favourites and I'm reviewing them tonight so that's a good a reason as any really.

rosswat 18 Oct 2013

Powering through this Dynamics revision with the help of Everything Everything

RyanWilliams 15 Jan 2014

Like Woah, how did I miss this one? I love this song.

ditherdown 5 Feb 2014

The best song about petty relationship drama in the midst of a world-ending nuclear apocalypse.

brian_kenney 17 Oct 2013

Current earworm. Ace at Glasto.

MattTheBadger 16 Jul 2015

I wish I was a moderately attractive British dude.

benbug 7 Feb 2014