MY KZ, UR BF by Everything Everything

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File under "things that deserved to be a bigger hit" (despite the questionable title style).   1

simonth 10 Dec 2011

Current earworm. Ace at Glasto.

MattTheBadger 16 Jul 2015

I wish I was a moderately attractive British dude.

benbug 7 Feb 2014

quite frankly the oddest, most unique band I know. Karen Gillan's favourites and I'm reviewing them tonight so that's a good a reason as any really.

rosswat 18 Oct 2013

Powering through this Dynamics revision with the help of Everything Everything

RyanWilliams 15 Jan 2014

My Keys, Your Boyfriend. Gloriously stuck in my head since their Glastonbury set. Good luck with the lyrics!

MinxyMino 9 Jul 2013