Sayso by Evy Jane

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but tomeoftom was first  

Discovered months ago thanks to @clickysounds. Instant love! Praying for a LP soon.   8

MyBlueElephant 17 May 2013

No getting around it. Evy Jane deserves a #doublejam, as the EP has been on repeat for a couple days!!   1

clickysounds 30 Nov 2012

This song makes me want to interpretive dance while high and also bone.

kvte 31 Jan 2013

Backwards loops and breathy vocals. Very like ? can't remember on ninjatune

cazbot 3 Jul 2012

Maria Minerva dropped this last night, fell in love with it... Lovely hazy lo fi r n b ...   1

MrBeatnick 13 Apr 2012

CMU 3 Jul 2012