My Zero by Ezra Furman

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'My Zero' is from Ezra Furman's second album 'Day of the Dog', out october 7th. Glam, fuzzed out soul/psych mutant slop...

edwardkobus 8 Sep 2013

Just back from the Iceland Airwaves festival. My favourite non-Icelandic act was Ezra Furman, who I accidentally saw twice, and then again when he was judging a dance contest. I'll treat you to some Icelandic indie later!

Owlsoup 13 Nov 2014

Brilliant last night in a sweaty packed boiler room in Guildford. He really is consistently brilliant live- the boyfriends are a phenomenally tight band.

neillm1970 9 Jul 2015

A highlight (in Thursday night and Friday's sets) from last weekend's #EOTR2014

AlexCottrill 4 Sep 2014

My Ezra Furman bromance continues unabated. I suspect I am the only one of us aware of this....

lukegodber 8 Sep 2013

Really enjoying the excellent Day Of The Dog album by Ezra Furman. Here's a choice cut.

Jolly_Good_Show 4 Sep 2014