Restless Year by Ezra Furman

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From the new Ezra Furman album Perpetual Motion People which is currently, by some distance my record of the year

nigelco75 20 Jul 2015

After a particularly skint month (and going on about it a bit) my man treated me to this album at the weekend (been on my list for months) and what a treat! Thank you Ezra and Cai!

comradeloyski 12 Aug 2015

Another Ezra Furman track this week. My favourite album so far this year. "Restless Year' #tourheredamnit

marsvolta1985 17 Jul 2015

New Ezra Furman single!

lukegodber 3 Mar 2015

I saw Ezra Furman so frequently at Iceland Airwaves that I am now convinced that we went on holiday together.   4

Owlsoup 13 Apr 2015

Funky, charismatic, poppy, noisey, jittery, faintly confrontational and an awful lot of fun. V slight hint of Violent Femmes.

markcmphillips 22 Jul 2015