Stay With Me by Faces

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I'm off on hols next week so will be away for the doors closing,so this is it, my #lastjam and it's my eternal jam. It has been an absolute pleasure to play around with TIMJ for last few years and to listen to those magnificent jams from you wonderful jammers. I'm not sure if I'll go to the Loop thingy, but if I do, I'll come looking for you all. Best wishes to y'all. #deepanddirty #thanksTIMJ   13

allymac 27 Aug 2015

Hobbies include strutting around listening to this and pretending to be early '70s Rod Stewart   1

HereBeAnkles 20 Dec 2014

Reminded by yesterdays Jam how good the Faces could be. Here's another, class Rod vocal....   15

adrian4acn 19 Mar 2013

Just been going round in my head!   2

drunkeneviltwin 21 Sep 2014

Ron and Rod in fine form, the latter proving that white men can sing the blues

robhadgraft 9 Mar 2015

Another sad day for rock'n'roll. Thanks for all the wonderful music, Mac   3

stevefawcett 4 Dec 2014