Stuck On You by Failure

“You burrowed like a summer tic.”

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You burrowed like a summer tic.

mathjohnson 22 May 2014

Underrated space-rock love song.

froparis 3 Aug 2012

...And I claimed I didn't care for you / But your verse got trapped inside my head / Over and over again / You played yourself to death in me

imbeta 12 Jun 2014


pwezem 2 Jul 2012

y'all gonna be judging me over here, especially considering i nearly posted a susanna song in excitement over jenny hval's album dropping tomorrow, thennn something from souvlaki because of that pitchfork documentary coming out next week. but this afternoon i learned hum is touring with failure and mineral (i've jammed hum and mineral before) in august...and i won't be in town when they swing down to tennessee. GAH. joey guisto used to regularly play this song on the indie show in rochester when i was in high school, as a kind of closing inside joke-bond with his then-ladyfriend or something (he used to dedicate sunny day real estate's "song about an angel" to her all the time too, whee). so it became a sort of semi-ironic-but-secretly-kinda-not-really power ballad of choice for me for a while. sad to be missing the chance to see them.

ifjuly 9 Jun 2015

I thought I'd drop you easily / But that was not to be / You burrowed like a summer tick / So you invade my sleep / And confuse my dreams / Turn my nights to sleepless itch

imbeta 28 Dec 2014