Falling to Pieces by Faith No More


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Best Sonisphere headliner this year?

JoshSpence 29 Feb 2012

Because the plot thickens every day. And the pieces of my puzzle keep crumblin' away. But I know, there's a picture beneath...

fake13 17 Feb 2015

Look at all the 90s in this video, man. On a level.   9

pwoperfish 10 Jul 2013

I've been on a 90's kick recently. I almost forgot how fucking awesome FNM was until this tune came up on my 90's playlist (I know The Real Thing was released in '89). Even though Mike Patton does all the vocals, this song has the feel of a male/female duet ala Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life," and other songs like it. Tough-sounding, pseudo-rapping male, plus melodramatic female histrionics (or Patton hitting the high register).  Man, these guys were influential!  "Falling to Pieces" makes me want to dress up like Bowie or Prince and sing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror...or something less embarrassing... ;)   6

btener 28 Apr 2014

Today seems like a classic Faith No More day to me!

SteveGoddard81 20 Apr 2015

Fuck Epic, this is where it's at.

smallupsetter 3 Mar 2014