Land of Sunshine by Faith No More


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Varicose, Comatose, Senile... Does life seem worthwhile to you?

Tee_Pot 30 May 2015

“Do you feel sometimes that age is against you?   1

jeremyturner 19 Sep 2014

There's kind of an inexplicable synergy between downright crass slap-and-pop bass, straight-ahead hard rock, and That Which Is Mike Patton. Self-involved, uncompromising, and nontrivially goofy, yes...but there's something to it that's got me repeating it.   2

aziz 28 May 2014

Just listen to that bass line!

maupertus 27 Sep 2014

does emotional music have quite an effect on you?

chromegadget 26 Oct 2014

I only 'found' Angel Dust in the last 12 months. Some right corkers on the album, this being one.

moosegrinder 3 Feb 2012