Land of Sunshine by Faith No More


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Varicose, Comatose, Senile... Does life seem worthwhile to you?

Tee_Pot 30 May 2015

I only 'found' Angel Dust in the last 12 months. Some right corkers on the album, this being one.

moosegrinder 3 Feb 2012

does emotional music have quite an effect on you?

chromegadget 26 Oct 2014

Just listen to that bass line!

maupertus 27 Sep 2014

"sing and rejoice"

masterblaster 25 Jun 2012

There's kind of an inexplicable synergy between downright crass slap-and-pop bass, straight-ahead hard rock, and That Which Is Mike Patton. Self-involved, uncompromising, and nontrivially goofy, yes...but there's something to it that's got me repeating it.   2

aziz 28 May 2014