God Is a DJ by Faithless

“Faithless - God Is A DJ ...”

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Faithless - God Is A DJ ...   2

therealbk84 3 Aug 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the landing: within a few weeks of Mick Hall passing, legendary neighbour Helen, Bradford lass still up to teenage mischief at the weekends, when she wasn't being the Witch Queen of Kick-Ass Social Workers, despatched to the homes of the worst of the worst parents and the most feralized chilluns - she knew Doncaster too well, for instance. "It wo' beauty", was her highest praise term. She was and is a legend and a goddess, and children everywhere should weep. If she had a fault, it was really, really liking Faithless. But if she was convinced this wo' beauty, then I should rethink SAUDADE SAUDADE SAUDADES

lindesayi 24 Aug 2013

love this song, but for some reason the vocals sound wrong. different mix of the track maybe?

myuzishion 20 Apr 2014

Just listen to the words.   1

wdonohue 9 Apr 2015