Immortals by Fall Out Boy

“I like their new stuff others might not :)”

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I like their new stuff others might not :)

milkdrinker132 23 Mar 2015

well that was what I get for trusting a vevo link to be the right thing.

Neveth 8 Feb 2015

I think I've heard this song over 150 times. 95% of that being from watching Big Hero 6 with my little brothers.

SpaceGoatJr 22 Jul 2015

Very decent album from Fall Out Boy, and this song is so catchy. Also part of the cutest movie of the year, Big Hero 6. Lovely!

piglovlet 4 Feb 2015

"I tried to picture me without you but I can't."

momentumlost 10 Nov 2014

I can't get this song out of my head. Is there something wrong with me? :o ...BTW it's from Big Hero 6, which was loads of fun. :D   9

Drek 7 Jan 2015