Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty


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gdmt i went something like a month or so cold turkey from this song (and i know, i know, i JUST jammed it) but now Genie's made me fall off the wagon. to be fair, this has been my "current mood" for something like a week solid; i texted pretty much the basic sentiment to R independently just this morning, alas. "someone's gotta help me dig...but i'm unsure of so many things"   2

ifjuly 15 Sep 2015

That's a memorable opening line. Thanks for today's jam, Sammy!   3

TeamJamPicks 23 Aug 2012

It hasn't been long, so it seems, since I was picking out an island and a tomb for you at the Hollywood Cemetery... #LastJams

AndyJoe83 15 Sep 2015

The rather brilliant Father John Misty has just announced some UK tour dates with a full 7-piece band for February next year after the release of a new album at the start of the month, can't wait to finally see him live and hear the new material! This is one of many excellent tracks from his flawless debut album that was released in 2012, together with a well directed official music video.   1

jpaylor 4 Nov 2014

I say - not too shabby at all!

adamashby 1 Feb 2012

This is a real great tune. Put it right in your ear holes.

ironkeith 27 Jul 2015