Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty

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It hasn't been long, so it seems, since I was picking out an island and a tomb for you at the Hollywood Cemetery... #LastJams

AndyJoe83 15 Sep 2015

This is a real great tune. Put it right in your ear holes.

ironkeith 27 Jul 2015

That's a memorable opening line. Thanks for today's jam, Sammy!   3

TeamJamPicks 23 Aug 2012

gdmt i went something like a month or so cold turkey from this song (and i know, i know, i JUST jammed it) but now Genie's made me fall off the wagon. to be fair, this has been my "current mood" for something like a week solid; i texted pretty much the basic sentiment to R independently just this morning, alas. "someone's gotta help me dig...but i'm unsure of so many things"   2

ifjuly 15 Sep 2015

(note: not a real priest but there are some great music gigs happening at that cemetery though)

juepucta 23 Mar 2012

This has held up well.   1

flaneur 7 Dec 2014