This Is Sally Hatchet by Father John Misty

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Oh so very cool.

GypsyRocker 19 Jul 2013

I've got smoke in my lungs

silvia_s 24 Feb 2014

This is pretty great even if it does steal a lot of tricks from the Beatles. Everyone should check out his album Fear Fun. Added incentives: Misty is J Tillman, solo artist and former drummer for Fleet Foxes.

aidandonnellan 9 Aug 2013

Rediscovering this rather excellent Father John Misty album.

garrettc 26 Jan 2014

"The longer it keeps raining the more she has to struggle to maintain a wonderful time" This guy KILLED live. Fantastic album. Powerful music video. Re-post because last time the video didn't work.

koolkid 13 Jul 2013

I've got smoke in my lungs and a past life in the trunk.

AndyJoe83 19 Aug 2013