Sorrow Tears and Blood by Fela Kuti


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"We fear for the thing we no see We fear for the air around us We fear to fight for freedom We fear to fight for liberty We fear to fight for justice We fear to fight for happiness We always get reason to fear We no want die... We no want wound... Them leave Sorrow, Tears, and Blood" "The secret of life is to have no fear"

bryanwbuckley 19 Jun 2015

JAM   1

Burgmeijer 8 Apr 2015

Music is the weapon!   2

thefamilyghost 16 Oct 2014

Them regular trademark.

myddelton 18 Jun 2015

I've been reading "Fela - Phenomenon & Legacy" this past week. Fascinating take from one of Fela's confidants.

thereisnocat 19 Oct 2014

everybody scatter scatter

kattullus 6 Apr 2012