Fever Boy by Femme

“This is on such repeat. So delightful.”

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This is on such repeat. So delightful.

SarahJaneMorris 2 Sep 2014

Quirky and catchy. I guess this is a year old but it's new to me.

timmuky 29 Aug 2014

Love the shuffling beat here, and the talky/ singing vocals. Very catchy! -Wasn't sure at first but now it's the warm up track for the work Xmas party: A night on wine, half arsed dancing and questionable music awaits.. Also this video's a topical winner! We've a new bathroom with a very big bathtub (and the heating/ hot water hasn't relapsed as yet). Much fun can be had in there as demonstrated here:   12

smette 6 Dec 2013

I find myself liking bands more if their names are quite hard to Google: it's the band equivalent of "playing hard to get".   11

thesunneversets 18 Mar 2014