If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray

“Title track from 'Vikings'”

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Title track from 'Vikings'

corvus_corone 30 Jul 2015

"If I had a heart I could love you If I had a voice I would sing After the night when I wake up I'll see what tomorrow brings"

ladamenoire 9 Jul 2015

It's creepy and it's weird and it's what I'm feeling right now.

duncanatrix 8 Jul 2015

For some strange reason i keep humming this song every time i read Sophie's World this week. I am trying to find a meaning to this but as of yet i am failing. Help?   1

isajward919 6 Jan 2015

If I had a heart I could love you. If I had a voice I would sing...   2

fake13 4 May 2015

didn't like the moral resolution at the end of BB at all, but i'll definitely miss the show, especially the wide shots of the new mexico skyline and the way it used music and sound. here's a great example of music i wouldn't necessarily be all over typically but i think is nonetheless used exquisitely in the context of a tv show.   5

ifjuly 1 Oct 2013