Piss Off by FFS

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but Sarah was first  

There's so much to love on the brilliant new FFS album, but for now I'm still brain-lining this rousing singalong classic. Only another 3 weeks till the Troxy gig. Altogether now...   2

stevefawcett 9 Jun 2015

if i spend the next few months telling you cheerily to 'pissorf' then you can blame FFS. pissoff!pissoff! piffoss - hang on.   2

Sarah 1 Apr 2015

This is a collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks. Yes, this is really happening.   5

Section42L 4 Apr 2015

Franz Ferdinand and Sparks getting a little sweary...

boredofthis 14 Jul 2015

I've not jammed enough Franz Ferdinand, and this has been on my "To Jam" list for a while now.   1

denizenofdreams 22 Aug 2015


spitesprite 17 Sep 2015