Every Single Night by Fiona Apple

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but sarahdal was first  

new fiona new fiona yaaaaay! (gif by Erik Wahlstrom)   2

mina 24 Apr 2012

"What I am is what I am, Cause I does what I does." #FionaApple #everysinglenight   1

alanmariano 27 Jul 2014

So I'm gonna try to be still now.

prussianblu 7 May 2015

A 7-year wait for new sonic orgasm will soon be over. Fiona Apple! You're the woman in me. And I LOVE you!   10

gxhxoxsxtxfxm 2 May 2012

Probably posted this before,but it's so good

cynical64 16 Oct 2012

every single night's a fight with my brain.   1

shulakombe 24 Aug 2014