Fast As You Can by Fiona Apple

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A rediscovery. Love it

SamSonghurst 17 Sep 2015

You won't go, but I know. And I pray that you will.

alinaf_ 20 Nov 2014

I always forget how much I love this song then it plays on my shuffle! I get to fall in love with it all over again. Enjoy!

whitenatalie75 2 Aug 2014

because it's awesome   1

amythejoyful 6 Jun 2014

"Just need a little because, because..." Ever since a 14y/o rang my house when I was 13 and got called a paedophile by my mother I have struggled to get along with boys. Controlling, narcissistic jerks abound but Fiona Apple makes me feel alright about it.

anita_whut 2 Sep 2015

I was going to post the song of hers I used in my last Friday Night Fights round, but I like this one better.

Notintheface1 3 Nov 2014