Emmylou by First Aid Kit

MRC58’s jam on 27 Nov ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Warning: tear-inspiring song ahead. #Beautiful @firstaidkitband”

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Warning: tear-inspiring song ahead. #Beautiful @firstaidkitband

MRC58 10 Jun 2015

Best of 2012 #1: This and Blue were twin stars on my far-and-away favorite album of the year.   13

robbfritz 17 Dec 2012

In which there's a serious situation: The USS Krikail. 'Just sing, Little darlin', sing with me'.

forgivemehera 8 Dec 2011

I was lucky enough to see them perform this weekend and they put on an excellent show.   5

pjcj 3 Dec 2012

Finally, my favourite album of last year is "The Lion's Roar" by First Aid Kit. Absolutely lovely.   6

AndyWilkinson 18 Mar 2013

At the Isle of Wight Festival 2015. My favourite First Aid Kit song.   2

pjcj 15 Jun 2015