My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit


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Ii wanted to jam Waitress song of the Stay Gold album but couldn't find it so this will do, fantastic song on a fantastic album by a fantastic band.   9

isajward919 11 Jan 2015

Take me some place where there´s music and there´s laughter

Marian 30 Aug 2015

Possibly the best record of 2014. Exquisite pop (  'pop' as in the respectable sense )  & catchy in the extreme, Swedish sisters Johanna & Klara Soderberg have come up trumps with this one. reminiscent of other recent sunny, happy, well-scrubbed hippies such as Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes ( "Home" ) & also, Foxygen ( " San Francisco" ) Well, if they are part of a new burgeoning flower-power scene, then they get my full support.   15

debutch 4 Aug 2014

Good gig by @firstaidkitband in Glasgow on the 16th Sep. with unexpected drama during the support...   8

BarneyRubble 16 Sep 2014

Der perfekte Sommersoundtrack.

visibleKARMA 22 Jun 2015

My last jam of the year so Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you lots of love and happiness for 2015! x x x   22

abigail.deeks 24 Dec 2014