My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit


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New First Aid Kit! There's also a brand new video for Cedar Lane, but licencing restrictions wouldn't let me post it. If you're lucky you might be able to see it at   6

pjcj 6 May 2014

Good gig by @firstaidkitband in Glasgow on the 16th Sep. with unexpected drama during the support...   8

BarneyRubble 16 Sep 2014

Ii wanted to jam Waitress song of the Stay Gold album but couldn't find it so this will do, fantastic song on a fantastic album by a fantastic band.   9

isajward919 11 Jan 2015

Take me some place where there´s music and there´s laughter

Marian 30 Aug 2015

Both official links (SoundCloud and YouTube) can't be jammed, so I'm trying this one (as long as it stays up). Oh, and : NEW FIRST AID KIT !   1

oneeverytwo 31 Mar 2014

Der perfekte Sommersoundtrack.

visibleKARMA 22 Jun 2015