Closer by FKA twigs


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The most beautifully strange & ethereal pop song I've heard in many a moon. She's a West Country lass, you know. #BurkinaWessex

SDHoneymonster 10 Sep 2014

I can't get over this song.

yohnnie 13 Jan 2015

En un disco que irradia desesperación amorosa a través de chirridos de sintetizadores rotos, "Closer" contrasta por ser una canción bastante esperanzadora. Es muy difícil borrarse el coro de la mente por dos o tres días.

jerydiaz 20 Oct 2014

Closer by @FKAtwigs uses the power of liturgical music to beautifully evoke an unfulfilled desire for intimacy. The verse conjures the feeling of the wide open emptiness of a cathedral space and the sound of a solemn anglican hymn, while the chorus invokes intimacy in the appeal “I want to be closer”. But the wish is not granted, as the song ends with the word “Isolation” decaying in space.

acusti 16 Apr 2015

Last one for 2014, from my playlist of the year Rules: max 1 track per artist, released this year, fit on an audio CD, bonus for seeing live (Est 2002)   1

tilapia 31 Dec 2014

The most interesting album I've heard this year.

dan_hill 18 Sep 2014