Two Weeks by FKA Twigs

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but davidemery was first  

oh tyrell   4

noemie 6 Aug 2015

So this is amazing

davidemery 24 Jun 2014

All twigs, all the time.   4

Han 31 Aug 2014

#1 Dads played this as their encore at the Rosemount on Sat night. Incredible.

Rubychick 12 Jul 2015

Good pop music combines existing elements into something that never existed before. When you do that, you're familiar at once yet completely new. #FKAtwigs is at the intersection of #EllieGoulding #Tricky #TheWeeknd and #FlyingLotus, and what a glorious creature

timeisnow 16 Feb 2015

And @unfortunatalie describes this correctly as Filth. Astounding filth and wonderful. Straight on the WicDiv playlist too, obv.

kierongillen 3 Jul 2014