Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac


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F is for Fleetwood Mac. When I was 12 I had no idea who they were but that guitar solo sure made me pedal faster on my paper round.

RealRichHardy 18 Aug 2015

"If I could - baby, I'd give you my world; how can I, if you won't take it from me?"   7

roydesmet 6 Jul 2014

I apologize for the atrocious video, but it's apparently the only one of this song that will play on this site. I put up a pic to cover it, but I don't think that will replace the video once it starts playing. Close your eyes or look away and just listen. I never knew this song well until we got it in Rock Band 3, and now I love it, particularly the bass line.

spitesprite 26 Aug 2015

Mega Tune!   7

edclarke 18 Apr 2012

I wanted to jam this song for a long time, but due to author restrictions it wasn't possible, untill now, found one that works :-) I like this song from the very beginning, it strangely gives me positive energy :-)   16

caronline 22 Mar 2015

Fleetwood Mac is usually the first thing to go on the record player on weekend mornings.

Han 25 Sep 2011