Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac

“West highlands vacation planning jam.”

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but cruzich was first  

West highlands vacation planning jam.   1

RosyRong 2 Nov 2012

'She broke down and let me in, made me see where I've been.'   1

magskii 3 Feb 2015

Some fingerpicking for Friday. I heard the guitar part of this tune on some commercial this week, and realized it's been far too long since I heard this little gem of a tune. I've always been a fan of Buckingham's guitar work.   1

kfarrnd 22 Nov 2013

The original version from Rumours is one of my favorite songs of all time. Lindsey Buckingham is under-appreciated as a guitarist.

wanderaimlessly 27 Jun 2015

Thanks for the jam, @HBO #Togetherness   1

word.srsly 15 Jan 2015

After seeing them live last night for the first time, Lynsey Buckingham may now be my favourite guitar player of all time. I didn't appreciate how good he is until I seen him playing live.

johnprow 18 Jun 2015