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'Sara' projects a zoom lens towards the Henley, Nicks, Fleetwood, Recor quadrangle. The four sides are criss-crossed with overlapping triangles of love and regret. “When you build your house…. call me…”

sirterence 10 Jun 2015

Let me urge you to ignore the naff video accompanying this 'non-Greeny' Mac toon. It was my only way around WMG. Heard another toon on RadioGaBlah today, transporting me to 1979, but I'm Sara-ing it instead, simply because it's such a mesmerising, peerless song. Tusk followed the truly immense Rumours. How to follow that? Mac changed the formula. I was given the album by Isobel, who was in the factory I worked in at the time (first proper job). It was my last day and she came up to me with her gift, kissed me & ran off in tears. Me, being an idiot, didn't realise she'd had a crush on me for months. '79 also had me on holiday with 3 amigos in Corfu. "Don't overdo the woyyyyn" (wine in drawled Australian) said Brendan our Rep. However, as hardened beerists, it was advice we promptly ignored & later on our first night, Retsina'd to the eyeballs, we broke the windows of our own flat to get in, having lost the keys. Glasgow eejits on tour. So, wine, women & song... a bloke's hendiatris...   53

21schizoid 13 May 2014

drowning, in the sea of love, where everyone would love to drown   5

solveigo 21 Sep 2012

A great song that's beguiled me for years, had to read up on the story behind it. It left me with more questions than answers. Fantastic band, in all its' guises.   8

loboska 27 Oct 2014

My third Sara of the week, #songswithgirlsnames this time by Fleetwood Mac with the beautiful voice of Stevie Nicks   2

maodiver 28 May 2014

summer is closing (though the weather don't know it) and a picnic at dusk at the park while this was playing was a pretty fine way to send it off.   1

ifjuly 23 Aug 2014