Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

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kookykaryn 5 Aug 2015

“Silver Springs,” a B-side to the single “Go Your Own Way” (1977)

jeanlabelle 5 Nov 2014

More of a great thing, the "Silver Springs (Sessions, Roughs, and Outtakes)" version from "Rumours (Super Deluxe) - 2013   5

Sateen_Duraluxe 30 Aug 2015

This song is so haunting... and it's apparent in the video. This was made 20 years after she wrote it and it's still obvious who it is about. Amazing.

rogercrum 28 Dec 2014

Tonight at The Forum. A way to remember and honor my mother on her birthday. Lord knows I wish she were here to join me, but truth is she will be...and I will be whisked away when they play this song, for I can still envision her dancing around with me in true Nicks fashion.

emhubbard77 28 Nov 2014

time casts a spell on you, but you won't forget me I know I could have loved you, but you would not let me I'll follow you down til the sound of my voice will haunt you you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you   2

condorave 16 Jan 2015