Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine

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but rhiannon was first  

Because it will always remind me of #Loki.

skl6960 20 Dec 2013

Seven devils all around you

alexaslavkova 8 Aug 2014

"And now all your love will be exorcised And we will find you saying it's to be better now And it's an even sum It's a melody It's a battle cry It's a symphony.." #inlovewithindierock

shakibamim 10 May 2014

The final song in the final scene of the final episode of series one of Revenge = my week.

MinxyMino 14 Dec 2012

See I was dead when I woke up this morning. And I'll be dead before the day is done.

NavigatingSails 11 Mar 2013

A little something to get into the right mood for Halloween ;)

honigmuffin 30 Oct 2014