What Kind of Man by Florence + The Machine

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In interest of equality, after jamming a couple songs about how women drive men crazy, I decided to look for an example of a song where we drive them crazy too. There was the obvious choice: Patsy Cline's Crazy, but I turned that one down. For me Patsy Cline is not "jamming" material. It's not that she's too slow or too country. I reserve the right to jam to slow country stuff in the future. Patsy Cline's just not me. At least not right now. This is more me. Florence Welch and her Machine band are about embracing beauty and horror at the same time. Welch doesn't seem to be afraid of primal scream therapy cuz what comes out is part banshee wail and part siren song. She and her band seem to approach life like a kid stomping in a vat of grapes. That's my kind of crazy.   6

ZachsMind 29 Mar 2015

Found this great new #FlorenceandtheMachine song today! P.S.- sorry I've been gone awhile. Glad to be back :)   4

rvleonard 13 Feb 2015

#Obsessed with this song and video from #FlorenceAndTheMachine Possibly my favorite song from her yet!! @flo_tweet

robyncage 25 Mar 2015


Baujaus 13 Jul 2015

I need to start this week out big. When strong, passionate lyrics and powerful, intense vocals are needed, Florence never lets me down.

irishtulip24 9 Mar 2015

* Past Jam, was so busy lately that i didn't have time to upload my Jams, so here are some of them * This song is so beautiful, but it's so sad. Florence is divine as always ~u~

RobertoLM 29 Jun 2015