What the Water Gave Me by Florence + the Machine


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Sometimes you need something that fills up all the spaces in your head, like this from Florence & The Machine

JoRiGo_UK 6 Aug 2015

R+L Playlist Continues...

hindle4 2 Sep 2012

Back to more modern things, cuz she's a fantastic live performer. Why the hell do people compare her to Lana ?   4

dickian 17 Jul 2012

"let the only sound be the overflow"   3

ashishbihani 1 Apr 2013

"‘Cause they took your loved ones, but returned them in exchange for you"

lsdmsscr 29 Dec 2014

I'll never forget how much Florence made me happy this week. That's my fav concert I attended and I got a chance to hug and kiss her. So I'm the happiest and the luckiest person right now.

shloggydoggy 16 Aug 2015