Weekender (12" version) by Flowered Up

“2nd part is there too, obv etc etc”

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2nd part is there too, obv etc etc

Si_Williams 23 Mar 2012

Flowered Up 'Weekender'. A great Friday tune. So what are you all up to this weekend. There's a great video of this out there somewhere. Find it.   3

JonBurroughs83 7 Feb 2014

I find lots of parallels with Sham 69"s Thats Life bout' fifteen years earlier. Sadly but inevitably, it ended badly for the Maher brothers. Stand out track though and deffinately an anthem of that point in time.

NeilBuchanan 17 Jul 2015

Countdown: De Duizelende Duizend (The Staggering Thousand) Number 606. [from album: The Best Of] [year: 1997]   2

RW104 10 Feb 2015

"We Gender" A Rawnini card collectable....

driftyb 26 Jun 2015

No idea why this came into my head.Once upon a time weekends started on Thursdays and ended on Tuesday. Almost as long as this song...   4

adrian4acn 17 Oct 2013