Inhaler by Foals


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but rallywill was first  

Just about recovered from how immense this sounded at #6Musiclive earlier. Turn it up. UP.   5

McKelvie 13 Feb 2013

Thank you Vimeo. Finally able to post this fabulous new song by Foals. Looking forward the new album next year   67

dutchzaphod 29 Nov 2012

Will these ever make a bad album? .....looking unlikely!   4

Oldy86 24 Mar 2013

This is as good a way to go out as any; bye-bye TIMJ.

Jett 23 Sep 2015

Track of the day:

QMagazine 9 Dec 2012

remember when I jammed a track off this album and said the rest couldn't be as good? this one is

terathiel 18 Sep 2014