Late Night by Foals

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Did you throw your heart away? #foals #latenight #nsfwvideo

dynamine 30 Jan 2014

Solomun remix

ufo9 20 Apr 2015


IAmTheMasses 29 Dec 2014

Working away to this today.   3

ollymoss 14 Feb 2013

Into the Top 5. For many, this was Foals' year. And who can blame them for thinking that, seeing as they went and released an utterly astonishing LP in the form of "Holy Fire". The song off of that album that captured my heart was undoubtedly Late Night. Yeah, it's basically Spanish Sahara all over again, but are you really still complaining about that when the final "Stay with me..." fades out and the outro guitar solo kicks in? No, no you are not. #bestof2013

CallumPetch 27 Jan 2014

Never really been a Foals fan, but this along with the rest of the album sounds pretty good to me...!   18

hindle4 18 Feb 2013